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This whole idea of mash-ups and remixes is a fascinating creative outlet for an entire generation of people, and yesterday the T4 Tips Podcasts joined in on the action. Karen Fasimpaur (of the Karen's Mashups podcast) included an episode from one of our podcasts in her latest podcast episode that highlights a good mix of Professional Development video podcasts. The episode she chose was created by Kelly Dumont and covers the basics of connecting a laptop computer to a projector (a task that can seem rather daunting to a large portion of teachers out there).

One of my all-time favorite mashups (above) is actually not an education-related work, but shows the real power of mixing together unoriginal content to create something new. It was created by YouTube member rx2008.

Pretty creative remix to say the least.

In the classroom, I would suggest using a tool such as the ccMixter offered by the Creative Commons team. With ccMixter, your students can create high-quality mashups without the worry of violating copyright. Furthermore, an exciting project for any class would be to have your students stretch their creative muscles by entering the Creative Commons (©urve)™ Remix Contest.

So much to do, so little time.

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