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Summer is a great time to catch up on your favorite podcasts. Recently, I've been able to finally take in a few episodes. Two particular podcasts some to mind.

The first podcast that I have really enjoyed this Summer is called Driving Questions. In this video podcast, Kevin Honeycutt does an excellent job in getting to the heart of many of the issues that effect technology and its uses in education. In my favorite episodes, he has interviewed Ian Jukes and David Warlick, asking them both for their "definitions of an educated person". Very enlightening and well worth the download.

The second "podcast" that comes to mind isn't actually a podcast. I just finished listening to/watching Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs' guest appearance at the recent D: All Things Digital conference. A very interesting interview, to say the least.

From the conference, I was impressed by two distinct comments made. From the mouth of Bill Gates:

We'll look back on this as one of the great periods of invention.
I think he's right. How are we using such inventions to further education? How are we inventing the future of education? Steve Jobs added another sobering thought:
I think we underestimate how much all of our industry depends on stability.
No kidding. Not to be an alarmist here, but the entire technology industry could come to a grinding halt in the wake of economic or other catastrophe. I think we might be currently experiencing the calm before a much-anticipated storm. How well we weather the storm will probably depend on just how prepared we are.

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