Ron Clark - Full of Energy, Very Inspiring

I met Ron Clark today. As a group we were invited to hear him speak, allowing him additional time to plug his newly created Ron Clark Academy. Very fun. Very impressive. Unfortunately, very much out of reach for any public school system. While I strongly believe that every child has the right to a high-quality education, I envy the ability Ron has had to envision, design, and create his own school – from the ground up.

Ron is a bona-fide expression of Southern excitement (in the photo at right, he is actually standing on the table - during his presentation). Built upon creativity and structured with enthusiasm, I think that his school is the model after which future schools in American should be patterned – a slide to get from one floor to the next, custom-designed classrooms for every teacher, and field trips to foreign countries. What’s not to like?

When I finish my doctorate in a couple of years, perhaps I’ll hit Ron up about creating a second campus in Salt Lake City.

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