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Dr. Tyson did an excellent job in the closing keynote for NECC. His ideas were moving, refreshing, and should be taken to heart across the world. One thing he is doing in his school that's particularly impressive is an aggressive campaign to share his students' work with the rest of the world. Last month alone MabryOnline served roughly 4 million documents.

For the first time in the history of time, schools can have access to immediate global distribution.
As a result of such global distribution, Dr. Tyson claims that assessment is far more genuine and authentic. The attitude of his students? According to Dr. Tyson:
I made an A on the project last unit, but it's not good enough for the whole world. I want to keep working.
As a part of his keynote, Dr. Tyson showed several winning entries in this year's Maybry Film Festival. As a school, they've made their movies (or portions thereof) available as a part of their podcast. Check a few of them out - they're well worth it.

My favorite quote, coming from one of the Mabry students (in one of the movies shown):
Making a movie? That's like learning on steroids.
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