Leslie Fisher - Still Great

I saw Leslie Fisher last year at NECC. I was so impressed with her no-nonsense presentation of photography tips, that I decided to see her again this year. Here is a list of tips that she provided, with my occasional takes in italics:

  1. Not close enough. Often guilty, but not by choice. My point and click has a 3x zoom. However, I've since purchased a superzoom (10x).
  2. Not in focus (focus point).
  3. Camera shake.
  4. Foreign composition.
  5. Boring composition. I love the law of thirds - it conforms to the Golden Ratio.
  6. Another Few Composition Ideas

    The Squint Test. I rarely use this test, but plan to more often in the future.
    Space makes you think.
    Shoot high / shoot low.
    If I see another... Take more action shots. They're far better than posed shots.

  7. Missing the Moment. The story of my life.
  8. Too much flash.
  9. Too little flash.
  10. Digital zoom. Why bother?
  11. Photoshop Tips

    In order: Auto Color Adjust, Adjust Levels (looking for a bell-shaped curve - black, gray, white), Sharpen
Leslie finished up her presentation demonstrating some of the new features in Photoshop CS3. I'm ready for the upgrade.

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