Initial Reflections on TTIX

It's nearly been a week since TTIX. In this time I've been able to reflect on how I did as a presenter, as well as the messages shared by others at the conference.

Here are a few of my thoughts as I reflect back:

  • TTIX was small, small is actually a very good thing, I would certainly like to participate again. In preparing to deliver the keynote, I had always envisioned a much larger crowd. All told, there were probably around 100-150 there - I was planning on 500. Nevertheless, the intimate setting was extremely comfortable and we were able, throughout the day, to have very meaningful conversations about integrating technology in the classroom.
  • TTIX was extremely well organized. I was very impressed in the preparations that were made - particularly by Jared Stein and Janel Mitchell. Excellent job.
  • I participated in an excellent session about "Brainhoney", a potentially wonderful application that takes David Wiley's idea of Learning Objects and makes it available for educators. I have been watching Dr. Wiley's work very closely for the last several years and hope that Curtis Morley et al. can deliver.
  • Wikis - Tim Stout did an excellent presentation on how he uses wikis in his classes. Are we using them enough?
I feel bad that I wasn't able to share my entire presentation. I had 'em eating from the palm of my hand (I'm sure that effective educators and salespeople can identify with this - the moment that they are hanging on your every word - the very reason that I love to teach. I only hope that I was able to motivate them in such a way that they will move to action.

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