Introducing @Alltop_Edu. Plays well with #Flipboard.

Why I love social media:

For those not living on the technology planet, consider this carefully:
  1. Guy Kawasaki (Wikipedia entry) is one of the most influential people in all of Internet-dom.
  2. Before yesterday, his path had never crossed mine.
Now several important questions, which may or may not apply to you:
  1. If you're a teacher, why aren't you empowering your students to access the potential of networked learning?
  2. If you're an administrator, why would you ever want to prevent teachers and students from accessing this kind of tool? Are you afraid of the power? While you might be afraid of its potential for evil, consider first its potential for good.
Regardless of how you answered the above questions:

Quit acting so surprised when kids complain of boredom and irrelevancy because they're forced to sit in the technologically-barren, disconnected environments some call "school". School to me should be empowering. School to me should be engaging. School to me should be real.

There's tremendous potential for good in networked learning environments. To ignore this fact - as a teacher and as a learner - is wrong.

For the record, I was @Alltop_Edu's first follower.

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