Why Every Teacher Should Blog - Reason #6

Edubloggercon has definitely been the highlight of my NECC experience. In the morning I, along with dozens of others) was able to meet the faces that accompany the names and the tweets. It was truly an honor for me to meet (and associate with) the entire Edubloggercon community.

Reason #6: Edubloggercon - need I say more.

The second session at Edubloggercon will leave a lasting impression on my mind as to the power of the blogosphere, collaborative software, and the spontaneity of ad hoc conferences. David Warlick led an incredible discussion about the future of schools, students, and teachers. My brain excluded, the collective brain power of that group could have powered all the lights in the Georgia World Congress Center for an entire weekend. While the audio is sub-par, you can listen to the session here. You can also view David's summary here, view a Flickr slideshow of the un-conference here.

This video (sorry so shaky - I guess it's best if you play/pause, play/pause, play/pause...) gives a quick glance at those participating in the second session.

Thanks for the memory, guys. Let's do it again soon.

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