Pay Attention - Second Draft

I finally finished my "second draft" of Pay Attention. I'll be the first to admit that it's no upgrade al estilo J Brenman. I added a few pictures in key locations, bolded the red text to (hopefully) make it easier to see, fixed a few citations to give credit where credit was due, and performed a few other tweaks where I deemed necessary - all fixes that I have intended to do since about the day after I originally released it.

This screenshot is an example of some of the fixes that I made - I found a few excellent photos, licensed under Creative Commons, that are perfect for several of the snippets, and included them in key locations. I intend to show the entire updated version of the presentation at the upcoming TTIX conference on June 7, and will make it available to anyone interested (via download, TeacherTube, and possibly YouTube once again) at that time. I say "possibly YouTube" because I'm not impressed (gasp!) with YouTube's quality - it throws the timing off and makes the video too fuzzy.

Furthermore, I also intend to license both versions using the Creative Commons license once I learn a little more about it and I run it by the members of my team. I truly believe that we are all in this together - why not share and share alike?

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