How Many Teachers Still Don't Know?

I attended a meeting today with math teachers from across the state of Utah. At the meeting, Rick Gaisford (from the Utah State Office of Education) showed Karl Fisch's excellent "Did You Know..." presentation. Throughout the entire presentation, there were a number of ooohs and aaahhhs from many different people. In fact, there were so many intrigued faces and engrossed viewers, that I was impressed to note how few teachers have yet to see Karl's prentation. If I were to estimate, I would guess that 90% of the teachers and educational leaders present in the meeting had not seen it before.

Which brings me to my questions.

  • How can we better promote technology use in the classroom?
  • How can we help more teachers understand the kinds of shift that are happening in our world?
  • How can we better prepare our students for tomorrow's challenges?
To conclude this post, I must exhort you to view Karl's presentation, if you haven't yet seen it. Then, as Karl so adequately puts it, please join in on the conversation.

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