My Second Life

I jumped back in to Second Life yesterday. I had visited SL about a year and a half ago and wasn't extremely impressed - I really couldn't figure out why anyone would want a second life - what's wrong with our first lives? Nevertheless, with all of the recent hype, I had to give it another try - besides, I want to have my A-game on when I attend the upcoming Second Life Best Practices in Education Conference on May 25.

My initial reaction? Second Life has grown up a bit. I quite like my new SL name (Thr33R1ng Binder) and was very impressed with the new tutorials offered on orientation island. Furthermore, the entire interface seems more responsive than before. All in all I was quite pleased. I teleported to ISTE's area and even checked out Drexel Island.

Needless to say, I am excited to participate in the upcoming conference, and promise to keep an open mind about what is presented. To be honest, I have only one concern about using SL for education: How can we ensure that the SL environment is safe for kids? As an SL newbie, I welcome your input.

I can see huge potential for virtual worlds as an educational tool - especially for distance education (and possibly a much needed tool if gas prices continue to soar).

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