Learning By Immersion

Anyone that has ever learned a foreign language will attest to the fact that the best way to learn a language is to become immersed in its culture. By doing so, a person not only experiences the benefits and weaknesses of the language but eventually comes to an understanding of the language's nuances, sayings, and otherwise hidden phrases of meaning that are easily understood by native speakers.

Wikis, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Nings and other forms of social networking, photo sharing, video sharing, and thought sharing: If you really want to learn about what these and other technologies have to offer the teacher and the learner, there's honestly no better way than by taking the plunge.

For this reason alone, I have immersed myself in many of today's educational technologies - not only to learn about today's digital teaching tools, but to learn them well. In learning by immersion, I've also come to appreciate the benefits and weaknesses of our ever-expanding globalized learning networks.

Image source: Flickr user adarsh_antony.

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