Emerging Technologies and Pseudo Academics

George Siemens asks:

Here's my quickly-written, first draft, stab-at-a-response:

  • Emerging technologies for teaching and learning consist of all hardware, software, concepts, and ideas that can be employed to advance social, connective, and educational processes.
Maybe a lot of edu-techno-jargin thrown together, but what are you gonna do?

According to one of my critics this entire blog is little more than a nice place for "pseudo academics" to gather together and converse. Nevertheless, in my humble opinion, the blogosphere itself IS an emerging technology for teaching and learning (and fits nicely within my hopefully-working definition).

Now for my questions:
  • How's my definition? Does it work? Wherein is it weak?
  • Is an idea a technology? I'm not so sure.
  • Are blogs more than a gathering place for pseudo academics? Can real learning take place here? Is all of this worthwhile, academically speaking?
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