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Jon Becker wrote this about this and was noticed by him and by him and by her and by him and yes, also by me and a number of others. And while I think that she has said it very well (and the edublogger cocktail party may just be a false perception), I am positive that myriads of bloggers around the world feel just. like. Jon!

Frankly, this is how I feel about the whole deal:

Nevertheless, I think that much of what may seem to be a private club for members only is really only a demonstration of human nature: a nature which has become busy, saturated with information, and pulled in every direction.

Let's face reality folks - and give every member of the club the benefit of the doubt. I know I haven't in the past, but I'm now willing to try.

Just because he doesn't comment on your blog or she doesn't follow you on Twitter definitely doesn't mean that he or she is arrogant - and it certainly doesn't mean that you or your content isn't worthy. Likely it only means that they're busy.

Or am I wrong?

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