What I've Learned From Blogging

D. Keith Robinson has been blogging for several years now. Several years ago, he wrote a great post detailing many of the things he has learned from blogging (be sure to check out the comments - some of them are as good as the post itself). I share many of the same feelings that Keith does and wanted to share a few of his points.

Things I've Learned From Blogging

  • The world is both bigger and smaller than I’d ever imagined.
  • There is great power in words.
  • Blogging can very easily be considered work. Lots of it.
  • 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.
  • Making a mistake and being called on it can be one the best learning experiences you can have.
  • You really can meet cool people online. And many of them are not so bad in person either!
  • It’s easy to mix up “it’s” and “its”. Same goes for “your” and “you’re”. Oh and “too” and “to”.
  • Don’t trust spellcheck.
  • I’ve got friends in low places.
  • The world is full of passionate people.
  • Storytelling is one of the best ways to convey a message.
  • People I’ve never met care about me, and I care about people I’ve never met.
  • Blogging is a great way to express yourself.
  • Blogging is a great way to manage knowledge and lessons learned.
  • Geek is the new pink.
  • Smaller is better.
  • Writing is hard!
  • Most people are more positive than negative.
  • Popular doesn’t always mean good.
  • The best way to become better at something is to keep doing it.
  • Comments make great content.
  • Conversations are a great way to communicate.
  • You’ve got to love what you do to do it really well.
  • People actually do read Web content.
  • Perfect is the enemy of the good.
  • Clever writing can be frustrating.

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