Leopard + iMac = Well, We'll See

They gave me a brand spankin' new iMac today at work. Or at least "new to me". As a result, I've had the pleasure of installing Leopard from scratch. Following protocol, I thought I'd document the apps that I chose to install.

  1. Firefox - My preferred web browser.
  2. Foxmarks - Bookmarks synchronizer for Firefox.
  3. TinyURLCreator - Firefox extension.
  4. SoundSource - Lets me select my audio line in straight from the menu bar.
  5. Toast 7 - CD/DVD burning software.
  6. Quicksilver B53 - Must have, although I really only use it to open folders and apps.
  7. Skype - VOIP.
  8. CallRecorder 2.2 - Record calls (video and audio) in Skype.
  9. MenuCalendarClock for iCal - I don't know, but there's something about glancing at the menu bar and feeling that need to see the date.
  10. Twitterific - Need. To. Be. Connected.
  11. Skitch - Once you use it you wonder how you ever lived without it. Thanks to Alec Couros for the invite.
  12. Adium - iChat just doesn't cut it sometimes. Most of the time, actually.
  13. Del.icio.us Firefox extension - Make it a little easier to save my links.
  14. Conan The Librarian - I like to turn it on just before I leave the office. :)
  15. Microsoft Office 2004 - Well, you know...
  16. iWork - Sometimes.
  17. Apple Remote Desktop 3 - A real life-saver if you're in a Macintosh environment.
  18. Final Cut Express HD - For those hard core edits and a few head-aches along the way.
  19. CamTwist - Way too cool.
I know I've forgotten a program or two here that will need to be installed in the near future, but this is a good enough start for now.

By the way, what are your must have applications?

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