Collaboration - Two Steps In The Right Direction

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I spent time in a district-training that was originally developed by the Institute for Sustainable Leadership To Impact Student Success. In connection with the training, we've been studying Jane Vella's Taking Learning to Task: Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults. All in all, the book (and the training) have been quite good.

During the training one of the Executive Directors for the Jordan School District (the boss of my boss's boss's boss) stated quite clearly that he felt that "any work contributed by the group would be of higher quality than work submitted by an individual". I thought that this was an interesting statement in light of all of the controversy that Wikipedia has had - especially in educational circles. Furthermore, to have one of my supervisors endorse collaborative creation, I feel, is a step in the right direction.

On a side note, look what I found in Apple's new Leopard operating system:

Yep. Apple has realized the value of Wikipedia too. Yet another great step in the right direction.

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