Social Network Preferences

Question: "What is your favorite social network?"
Audience: Mostly educators
N = Roughly 50
Highly Scientific: Duh

Nevertheless, I'm in agreement with the findings. My favorite social network is also Twitter. I enjoy:

  • The conversation
  • The randomness
  • The sense of community
  • The human, personal nature of the network
One thing I don't like about Twitter: I absolutely hate it when Twitter eats my tweats. Little is more frustrating than to realize that you've missed out on a part of the conversation. What's that you ____ saying about ____?

My take on the others:
  • Ning - Great for classes, events, or other activities that can benefit from a focused discussion forum. One thing I don't like: It's usually a little choppy.
  • Facebook - I love Scrabulous and Chess. What's not to like about asynchronous play? Except losing all the time.
  • The Blogosphere - This is a social network that can eat up hours of time, every day, if you let it. Interestingly, not many people consider (or remember to consider) the blogosphere as a social network.
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