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I've been asked to conduct a needs assessment to identify the kinds of trainings I should do in one of the schools in my district. In creating the survey, I've run into one key issue: Do we really want to know what our teachers need or do we really need to know what they want?

Personally, I think we need to first find out what our teachers want, only to structure your offerings toward something that they actually need.

After completing my second draft of the assessment (thanks, Robin Ellis, for your help with my first draft), I asked my Twitter network for feedback:

Several members of my network responded quickly, with thoughtfully crafted responses (+10 pts to them all). I present them to you now, in reverse chronological order, in order to best reply back.

Replies are in chronological order:

  • @jmaklary - How would you define educational technology, keeping in mind that you want to keep the survey as short as possible?
  • @julielindsay - Thanks. I'm not so sure about "expertly", but I hope it gets the job done.
  • @robinellis - I agree. After asking what they currently use, I feel better about asking what the teachers want.
  • @ssandifer - Agreed and added. I was hesitant at first because I don't want people to get too confident in their use of ed-tech use simply because they know how to push play on the VCR.
  • @dennisar - You've really got me thinking. Originally I had intended on following the approach you've suggested. I'll think more on it and perhaps change adopt your suggestion.
  • @technolibrary - Perhaps, yes. I've reworded one question. What suggestions would you make?
  • @mstina - The principals requested that the name be a required field. And yes, the last question is a bit complicated. I might delete it altogether.
  • @robinellis - I agree completely. As professional devopers, we're weaving and stretching on a constant basis.
  • @technolibrary - Thanks. Typo fixed, and of course you may borrow it.
As the survey has evolved as a result of the feedback I have received, I also welcome your feedback.

By the way, how do non-connected teachers even function without a network?

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