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Yesterday, I asked my Twitter network for a little creative assistance:

I'm trying to help teachers establish a web presence.
Can you please help me finish this statement?
"A teacher without a website is like..."

And yes, they definitely came through for me with some fantastic responses (+5 pts to all who participated). While my purpose was not to compile their statements for a blog post, it would be a shame not to pass on their quality feedback. In order of response:
  • A student without a writing utensil/laptop in class... they can get by, but can't use full potential. (Arthus)
  • Ordering a meal in a fancy restaurant without a menu. (Russell Lauber)
  • An aquarium filled with kool-aid. Sure, the fish can live okay in there, but they'd do better with water. (Susan Roustan)
  • A masterpiece painting in a storage vault. (Jennifer Jones)
  • A driver without a map. (Jessica Pederson)
  • A book without words. (John Krutsch)
  • A parent without information. (Brian C. Smith)
  • The question is can your name be a blue link. If not, you are an unverified source of information. (Vicki Davis)
  • A recipe without measurements. (John Krutsch)
  • A carpenter without a nailgun... the job can still get done, just not as efficiently or effectively... (Stephanie Sandifer)
  • A computer without an internet connection... can be used for some productivity tasks, but not for any connectivity activities... (Stephanie Sandifer)
  • A teacher w/o a website is like an ostrich with its head in the sand and a car without wheels. (Patrick Higgins, et al.)
  • Sonny without Cher, ice cream w/out hot fudge, Captain w/out Tenille. (John Maklary)
  • Donny without Marie :) (Stephanie Sandifer)
  • A duck without a puddle. (Ginger Lewman)
  • A light bulb without a socket. (Glenn Moses)
  • WHAM! w/out George Michael. Who is that Andrew Ridgely guy anyway? (John Maklary)
  • Enclosing your classroom in one way mirrors. You and your students can look out, but nobody else can look in. (Steve Dembo)
  • A sailor without a boat/ship. (Jim Gates/Simon Brown)
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