What is the Purpose of IT?

An important question has been posed by our district’s Superintendent that has heavily occupied my thoughts over the last few days. My initial take follows (complete with an ample supply of cutting-edge, 21st Century, digital-age buzz).

What is the purpose of IT in preparing students for college success?

  • To assist all educators in the task of teaching students to learn how to learn.
  • To assist all educators in the task of teaching students to effectively function in the same kinds of technologically rich learning environments found on and around college campuses.
  • To provide access to knowledge and information outside of the immediate school environment, while enabling teachers to understand best practices in empowering students with that access.
  • To provide functioning technologies that can improve the learning process, while supporting teachers in empowering students with these technologies.
  • To facilitate communication and collaboration between all members of Canyons District learning communities.
In other words, the purpose of IT includes supporting teachers in their use of technology to:
  • Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
  • Design and develop digital-age learning experiences and assessments
  • Model digital-age work and learning
  • Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
  • Engage in professional growth and leadership
...and supporting administrators in their use of technology to:
  • Provide visionary leadership
  • Facilitate a digital-age learning culture
  • Promote excellence in professional practice
  • Enable systemic improvement
  • Model appropriate examples of responsible digital citizenship
Well, there you have it (kind of reminds me of this). Anything you'd add to or remove from my list?

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