Missing the Roadmap

George Siemens:

Anytime someone provides a list of steps to achieve complex tasks, my reaction is to turn and run. Lists are generally only useful for the people who make them. Situations and contexts change rapidly. What works now in one organization will likely not work in the future in another organization. But, complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty are difficult to manage. So we turn to little techniques and ploys that provide us with a pseudo-sense of what’s really happening. Consider this article: The 10 Stages of Social Media Integration in Business. This is exactly how not to implement social media…at least if you’re looking for the transformative impact the author cites early in the article. If you make lists for managing social media, you’ve misunderstood social media.
I guess the question I have - for anyone realistically capable of providing an accurate answer - is how should schools be managing social media? Even after the relatively extensive experience I've had with social media, I'll be one of the first to admit that we simply don't have all the answers.

Sure wish I hadn't misplaced that roadmap.

Image source: Flickr user Anua22a.

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