Draft Lessig

It would sure be nice to have a member of Congress that actually gets it.

The mastermind behind the Creative Commons and a number of other related efforts, Professor Lessig would provide a refreshing counter-balance to the surprisingly Naive that have contributed to congressional efforts of late.

draft lessig

Unfortunately for us, however, Laurence Lessig is probably too smart for a future in politics. Sadly, it seems that our nation's government has, in recent memory, been very much an environment where only the ignorant - or corrupt - or both - can thrive.

To learn more about Professor Lessig and some of the ways that America can and should change for the better, please read his blog, peruse his books (you can download them for free), or watch his videos. I can promise that you'll learn something new and walk away from the experience with a greater appreciation of what it means to share.

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