Favorite Tweeters? Just A Thought

Dear Twitter,

As members of the globalized information age, we are constantly bombarded by an incessant deluge of information. Thus, any adjustments in design that successfully serve to simplify the acquisition and processing of new information are continually welcomed.

With that in mind, I kindly request that a feature be added to the basic Twitter interface: Following Favorites.

Similar to but simpler than Twitter groups, this feature could function much like favoriting a tweet - through stars or what have you - but applied to those particular people that you wish to separate from the rest of the pack. That way, when one of your favorite Tweeters tweets a tweet, you'll be made more aware - regardless of the number of Twits you follow. Third-party applications could take that improvement one step further by color-coding the tweets of your favorite Tweeters - much like Twitterific currently does for @replies and direct-messages.

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