How Can We Improve OpenPD?

Round Two of Open Professional Development ended on a very high note, representative of the entire Round Two experience. In preparation of future OpenPD efforts, I hope to open discussion in what we could do to improve the experience for all parties involved. Remember, the whole purpose in providing an open professional development environment is to encourage participation from educators around the world.

Please consider the following talking points as that: No-holds-barred, let's-make-it-better, feel-free-to-speak-your-mind, talking points.
  • What has worked well?
  • What hasn't worked well?
  • What can we do to encourage other participant sites?
  • How can we best address time zone differences?
  • Should we work toward asynchronous activities that could be used to ensure participation between various PD classes, regardless of time zone?
  • What about curriculum? Robin, Kelly, and I have decided on most of the curriculum - but the whole idea of "open" screams of the requirement to be more open. How can we best involve others in curriculum decisions?
Your participation in this discussion would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to participate in this discussion through posts to your own blog, please tag any related posts as ''.

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