Practical Theory

Chris Lehmann, in Principal Leadership magazine:

Those of us who work in education talk a lot about student engagement, but I don’t think that goes far enough. Engagement is certainly better than boredom, but schools should set the bar for themselves is much higher. What schools should strive for is student empowerment.
My questions:
  1. Once students are empowered, what need will they have for their teachers?
  2. If students (think they) no longer have a need for their teachers, what do they then do in school?
  3. What if students learn empowerment in Elementary school?
My answers:
  1. There are more skills to be taught than that which will show up on a test.
  2. The best lessons in life can finally be learned only after one realizes that there is always a need for good teachers.
  3. Seems to me like the perfect fast-track to preparation for college.
Teach a person to fish and they fish for life.


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