Hacking the Curriculum

In response to the string of thoughts expressed by David Wiley and George Siemens, I find a prediction made by Roger Schank and Kemi Jona (1999) to be particularly meaningful today:

…the delivery of education via online courses will change the entire landscape of course development and control of the curriculum. Each academic field will supply its experts to help create the courses in that field. Once these courses are created, the notion that a teacher at a local school should be creating their own course no longer makes any sense whatever. (p. 19)
While I suspect that K12 institutions would required a more localized approach to curriculum control, I think that there are tremendous possibilities for higher education in not only some form of an open (and accepted) accreditation but a shared (and open?) curriculum for schools around the country continent world.

It seems to me that CCK08 only substantiates this claim.

Reference (nod):
  • Schank, R.C. & Jona, K. (1999). Extracurriculars as the Curriculum: A Vision of Education for the 21st Century. Forum on Technology in Education: Envisioning the Future, Office of Educational Technology.
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