The Ugly Side of Open Education?


  • Dan Meyer appears to be an amazing educator. He's clearly engaging, talented, and possesses a love for teaching that many teachers lack.
  • I'd want Dan to be my kids' geometry teacher.
  • Dan has shared his entire Geometry curriculum. "The whole year. 1.94 gigabytes. Every lesson plan. Every handout. 2,144 slides — flavored in Keynote, PowerPoint, and PDF."
  • In his willingness to be open, Dan has also shared how his pet Feltron Project cuts into precious time that could be spent teaching core content. But hey, every teacher has pet projects. (Right?)
  • Since Dan's brought this dirty laundry out to light himself, I don't mind asking this now.
  • What will we discover when teachers who aren't as good as Dan begin to open up?

What else lurks within?

Image Source: Flickr user GIRLintheCAFE.

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