Come On Disqus, Don't Make Me Hate You

I received some feedback this morning about Disqus that I'm sure is more universal than many would like to admit. No complaints were made, just questions, but the message was still the same: How do I really use this thing?

Any ideas why since I clicked the verify button on one of my responses to a post on your blog that I now have trouble submitting a comment because the submit button is not present? Seems weird, the other day it took me about half a dozen tries, going back and forth refreshing the page before I could submit. Verifying is the only thing I have done differently :(
Disqus is definitely a pain that way. I'm very close to removing it for that very reason but the threaded discussions keep me with it for the time being. Nevertheless, if they don't get their act together soon - making the log in process more intuitive, adding the ability to receive future post comments by email - I'll revert to Blogger's built in commenting system.

The trick is to click the button first, then click log in. And while it has it's utility, checking the Verify button means that you have a Disqus account (and thus, Disqus can verify that you are who you are). Why Disqus doesn't accept OpenID is beyond me and another huge concern.

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