Favorite Moments @ NECC

I learned a ton at NECC this year.

Not sure what else to say.

Except that this was one of my favorite moments (Chris Lehmann, not pictured, is inconspicuously taking out his copy of Learning & Leading with Technology - the issue with Karl Fisch on the cover. Oh, and Karl was sitting next to me. Very funny moment. Guess you had to be there.):

This was another favorite moment (it really doesn't get any better than this):

Both of these moments took place in the Bloggers' Cafe: Facilitated discussions, planned but still casual. AKA: The kind of learning environments and conversations I had always hoped could grow out of NECC Unplugged.

Along those lines, this moment and its accompanying hour was also incredibly productive:

To be able to discuss social networking and professional development with Steve Hargadon and other key players was time very well spent for which I am extremely grateful.

Not long before this picture was snapped was also really good:

It was then that I met Robin Ellis for the first time in person. Having taught three classes and given three conference presentations together already, I feel like I've known Robin for years. Nonetheless, it wasn't until this time that I had actually met her face to face.

Weird, I know - but pretty cool, too.

This moment was classic, as well (but for more personal reasons):

After EduBloggerCon, Robin Ellis, Kelly Dumont, and I decided to hit the Alamo. A part of my personal MO is to take pictures of myself with important geographic features in the background - you know, a kind of photo journal of places I've been, things I've seen. Never before, however, had I been caught in the act. Here's the picture I took for my personal journal of vanity.

Image Sources: Flickr users mrplough, kjarrett, Wesley Fryer, and derrallg, and Robin Ellis

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