Quotes & Questions - Chapter 6: Collective Action and Institutional Challenges

Collective action, where a group acts as a whole, is even more complex than collaborative production, but here again new tools give life to new forms of action. This in turn challenges existing institutions, by eroding the institutional monopoly on large-scale coordination. (p. 143)
  • In what ways to new tools (online collaborative tools, for example) and the new forms of action they bring about actually challenge existing institutions?
Revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new technologies – it happens when society adopts new behaviors. (p. 160)
  • True or false, and why?
  • What new behaviors have been largely adopted by our society as a result of changes in information technology – and to what end?

  • Shirky, C. (2008). Here comes everybody. New York: The Penguin Press.
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