Some Kids Really Aren't Alright

I've been asked to attend an upcoming press release meeting (in January) regarding a new program called Project Safe Childhood, being sponsored by the State Attorney General's Office. In learning more about the project, I was privileged to view the video they've created that identifies both the purpose and scope of the project: an extremely powerful video, to say the least.

Being a very concerned parent, teacher, and citizen, I highly encourage you to watch the video and consider additional ways that we can provide a safe environment for all children. Unfortunately they haven't provided a friendly way to embed their video (that's government for you), but it can be downloaded here or viewed here.

In connection with this meeting, I've also been asked to become very familiar with Netsmartz - the excellent online resource provided by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (Robin Raskin's newly created Hands-on Advice for Keeping Kids Safer is also very good). Even though I've spent a little time on the Netsmartz site, I know I've missed many great resources - which is where you hopefully come in.
  • What do you consider to be the most important feature of Netsmartz (you know: the "be sure not to miss this, Draper" feature)?
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