Hello Friends, Welcome To My Reader

I suppose it's no secret now that I'm a huge fan of the new "Friends' shared items" feature in Google Reader - a new turn for social networking. Now for one important question and a holiday request:

  • Is it taboo to share posts that you have written with others in your Google Reader network?
You know what I mean. You write a blog post, you subscribe to your blog in Google Reader, and then you click the "Share" button on your posts. Good, no good, or does it depend?

Now, if it's not taboo (or at least can be allowed in some circumstances) to indulge in a little self promotion, then here's my holiday request:
  • I'd love it if you would please share with me what you consider to be the top two or three items that you've ever contributed to the online world.
Sure, I may have read your stuff before, but there's a lot of great content out there that I've missed - and at times the dreaded "Mark All As Read" syndrome attacks us all.

Happy holidays,


Image Source - Me and wiskeydiet

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