One Small Step For Google

Hello Google,

When I mentioned that I hoped that you took the idea of translation bots one step further, this is pretty much what I had in mind:

Please note:

  • I have written in English while Jorge has written in Spanish.
  • I have chosen my language using the pull-down menu.
  • I can see what language my friend is speaking, but am not troubled with the clutter caused by multiple translations of the same content.
  • An optional "View untranslated conversation" button might also be a good addition - both providing an exchange similar to what you currently have in place and limiting the phrases that might be lost in translation, given that a person can read the foreign language but prefers to type in his/her native tongue.
Again, one small step for Google, but one giant leap for mankind - or at least those of us concerned with international communication.

Have a nice holiday season,


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