Window to the EduBlogger World

Today is the first organized, participatory event emanating from the new social network called EduBloggerWorld. As a part of today's events, I have been asked to share a few of my experiences blogging.

  1. Where do I blog? I blog wherever I can find an open Internet connection. At times it is during an important meeting and at other times I blog at home or at the office. At this point in my blogging career, I've blogged in one country (the U.S.) and three states: Utah, California, and Georgia. I wonder who holds the record for blog posts written in the widest range of locations.

    The following are pictures of a few of the views I enjoy while blogging:

    Easily my favorite blogging view (from my front yard).
    My office at work. You may view notes here.

  2. How often do I blog? I blog as often as I can, but never feel guilty for not having posted in a while. As a personal rule, I think that blogging once a week is required, but will rarely post more than once a day.
  3. What do I blog about? Technology and its impacts on education. What else is there?
  4. Why is blogging important to you? Blogging is important to me because it is a way for me to reflect on my teaching practices. It is also a way for me to communicate with other like-minded educators. For that matter, I think that every teacher should blog.
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