Postcards From Afar - A Request From My Daughter

[Quick note: This blog post has been written by my daughter.]

My class is doing a project. We're learning about the world. We're trying to get postcards from all over the globe. I think it will be really neat to learn about places I've never been. It will be amazing to see all the beatiful sites. If you send me a postcard, I will write you back when I get the card.

You can send it to my dad's work (and then he'll pass them on to me):

Darren Draper
9361 S 300 E
Sandy, UT 84070-2998

Thank you so much!

[My take: While I'm happy to see that my daughter's teacher is thinking globally, I have to sigh because post cards are so Web 0.0. Nevertheless, I have passed my daughter's request on to you because I think that we have an opportunity here to show this teacher exactly how powerfully effective online communication can be. Furthermore, knowing my daughter, she'll gladly send you a postcard in return, post a comment on your blog, or even babysit your kids - if that's what it takes to get a box full of postcards from wonderful people around the world.]

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