Too Olive Two Daze Stew Dents

[I thought it time to share a little more poetry - from deep within the archives. I wrote this back in 2001 for the Brighton High School Community of Writers. Seems just as applicable today.]

Too olive two daze stew dents:

Weir rare lee board with hour knew pee see
Pea seas re-mane reel help full-
Pay purrs, e-male, lynx too clique
Yore a bout two heron ear foal.

Watts knot too lava bout pee seize?
Hour pea sea’s reel league rate-
Eye mien, hours makes cool reel ease see
Sew aura sign mint sir bear lee turn din late!

Aisle of two yews mice pale Czech her,
Aisle of two cotton paced!
Caws win eye masked two right ins cool
Eye have note I’m two waist.

Sew eye jest serf the intern net
Two sea watt eye confined
Thin cotton paced a weigh awl day
Caws hour teach her rare lee mines!
(Oar sew eye mite think!)

Since eerily,

Missed Hair Dare Run Drape Her

Pee. Yes. Czech the comments four uh trans lay shun.

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