EduBloggerWorld - Initial Meetups

Things are shaping up nicely at EduBloggerWorld. As on online community for educational bloggers around the world, we're approaching 285 members (representing somewhere around 48 different countries), and have experienced tremendous activity from several "sub-communities" within our community. It's all very exciting.

I'm please to announce that there have been several virtual meet-ups scheduled. The first will take place on August 23. Various activities have been planned throughout the day (some synchronous, some asynchronous) and on a variety of platforms. This will be an excellent way for members of the community (and potential members) to become better acquainted and discuss educational issues emanating from their location. Please visit the EduBloggerWorld wiki for a listing of specific activities, times, and virtual locations.

A second event has also been scheduled for September 18 using the interactive platform implemented at EdTechTalk. Additional details are forthcoming.

As an introductory explanation of the purposes and functions of EduBloggerWorld, we've created this brief video. All in all, it's pretty good - as long as you skip the last 30 seconds. : )

In conclusion, if you are a blogger that is passionate about education (wherever you might reside), we'd love to see you at EduBloggerWorld.

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