Thank you bloggers! The blogosphere is absolutely amazing!

In observing the way video and other content is distributed throughout the Internet, I am absolutely amazed at the collective power and potential of the blogosphere. Technorati's Matt may be correct when he states "71 million blogs... some of them have to be good."

One of the reasons I wanted to create a blog of my own was to thank all of the bloggers out there that have spread the word so well about "Pay Attention". As the video is seen by more and more teachers, I hope that changes are made in the way teachers teach. Furthermore, while technology isn't always the most effective way to reach our "digital" students, it is certainly a useful tool in far more teaching situations than most teachers realize and implement.

On this blog, beginning with this post, I want to thank those blogs out there that are doing a fabulous job of spreading the word. As of today, I have found the Pay Attention video discussed on the following sites.

And finally,
  • Thank you, Julie Lindsay, for spreading the word via Twitter!
Wow, that's a mouthful! I'll add to the list (in new postings) as I find them. Again, thanks!

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