A New Take on Second Life

Today I stumbled across an interesting post by The Four Eyed Technologist. He has spent a good deal of time immersed in the Second Life world and feels that it has true educational value. If you're interested in exploring Second Life, tonight would be a great time to do it.

Peggy Sheehy of Suffern Middle School will be presenting at ISTE Second Life tomorrow, April 24th, at 6:30 SLT (Pacific Standard Time) on Rampos Island, her island on Teen Second Life.

As a pioneer in the area of Second Life Educational Immersion, this is a can’t miss if you are considering Second Life in the classroom, pondering the strengths and limitations of Second Life, and/or figuring out how Teen SL works.

Now for my take on the whole deal. Second Life will never be my first life. Nevertheless, having spent an hour or two in Second Life, I have to admit that it provides an interesting platform for distance learning. In the above photo, for example, various students from around the world are watching as one student/teacher is showing off a PowerPoint presentation.

So what do you think? How would you use Second Life to teach? How would you use it to learn?

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