iQuiz, Do You?

In "Pay Attention" I mention how underutilized our students' iPods have become (from an educational standpoint). While podcasting can certainly hold its own, educationally speaking, I'm always welcoming additional ways to teach with the iPod. That said, it looks like Apple has finally stepped up to bat with an iPod game, appropriately called iQuiz.

Thanks, Apple, we needed that.

Because the game is so new, many teachers will need help getting acquainted with the game (not to mention help with creating quizzes). Here's a quick list of tips, originally brought to you by Tony Vincent:

  • You can watch a brief video preview of iQuiz in iTunes.
  • Go to to download free software for making your very own T/F and multiple-choice questions. Currently the software is Mac only, but the Windows version is due in May.
  • has a few pre-made quizzes also available for download -although their selection is not necessarily geared toward schools.
  • Apple has a fairly extensive page detailing iQuiz and it's uses, noting that it is also known as iPod Quiz in some countries.
Currently, iQuiz costs 99¢ and you can sync it to multiple fifth-generation iPods from one computer (you may use this page from Apple to identify which iPod model you have).

All in all, I'm very impressed with what I've seen in iQuiz and hope that more educational software is created for the iPod.

Finally, to spark a discussion, what kinds of uses can you find for iQuiz? For that matter, how have you used the iPod in your teaching and learning?

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