Do you tweet - educationally speaking?

Twitter is sure a strange thing. I'm still trying to find an educational value, but it is great for building community. Too bad Leo left Twitter, I miss the the Twit's tweets!

Nevertheless, I'm still considering the educational value of Twitter. I am intrigued by a few posts out there. Bryan Alexander makes a good suggestion. He says that Twitter could be used in the service of storytelling. Can you imagine an elementary classroom doing a storytelling session via Twitter! I can just imagine the endless barrage of tweets. I quite like the idea.

Another idea I've been tweeting with is the idea of using Twitter in an engineering class - or rather with several engineering (or any other class, for that matter). For example:

Class, you've got 10 minutes to create ______ in conjunction with the efforts of other engineering students in various classes across the district.

Now, the only way you will be able to communicate is via Twitter. Each class will have an account.

You're going to have to work together - each class on a separate portion of the project, because if you don't work together, you won't finish in time.
I don't know. Would this kind of assignment work? What would be its educational value? Would it be worth the effort?

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