ISTE 2011 - Here We Come

I've officially thrown my hat back into the presentation ring by submitting several proposals to present at ISTE 2011:

  • An Educator's Guide to the Creative Commons. I'll explore reasons why every educator should be using the Creative Commons and how, exactly, to get that done.
  • Best Practices in Globally Attended Professional Development. With Robin Ellis and Sue Waters, we'll describe the strategies and procedures that have been working well for us over the last several years.
  • EduBlogger Etiquette - How and Why Educators Set the Example. I'll review the blogging conventions we once discussed and help new bloggers understand a few of the unspoken rules of the game.
  • The Reality of Enabling School Change: Risk, Hurdles, and Hope. With Dave Doty and Scot McCombs, we'll analyze the creation of the Canyons School District; what it took, the problems and rewards encountered, along with the trials that still lie ahead.
In building a new school district, I haven't had much time in the last year and a half to devote to giving presentations to external organizations, but I'm excited to fire up the motors once again!

Hope to see you in Philly!

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