No Teacher Left Behind?

As one of the converted, I like this. Really, I do.

Nonetheless, in viewing this video at this stage in my career, I'm left with a number of questions that likely only indicate that I'm getting tired. For example:
  • In spending so much time to create (shallow?) connections with such a wide range of educators on a global level, isn't it possible that one might also neglect local relationships that are equally (if not more) important?
  • What can we do to consistently maintain a healthy perspective?
Shifting gears to a higher plane:
  • Do we really think that all teachers need to be this connected?
  • Can every teacher (human being) handle all of the information? Are they "bad teachers" if they can't?
  • And what about those teachers that take 25 minutes just to create a Gmail account (PEBKAC)? Will it really be worth my time - and theirs - to help them enter the 21st Century? Or are the benefits of such efforts simply not worth the costs?
I guess what I'm really wondering is this:
  • Is it ever OK to simply leave some teachers behind?
I told you I was getting tired.

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