New Music, 21st Century Style

For your listening pleasure, I thought I'd share a song or two from a CD recently released by a band called Jake Hague’s Repaired. The CD itself is a glaring example of what technology has done to empower the little guy, for there were no contracts involved, no recording labels, and no red tape involved in its production - nothing more complicated than three guys getting together and jammin’ in the backyard.

To top it all off, I’m very proud to say that the drummer is none other than my no-longer-little little brother, Josh. Thanks for the tunes, Josh, I think they're great!

These are two of my favorites, with a sound similar to a combination of Jack Johnson and John Mayer:

Baby Don't Cry - Download MP3

Good Time - Download MP3

Both songs are © 2008 Jake Hague and distributed with permission.

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