Edublogger Etiquette - Embedding Video

In a recent post on Students 2.0, Arthus Erea has embedded a YouTube video. The contents of the video include a 1971 interview of Muhammad Ali conducted by the BBC.

While it can be argued that content wouldn't be on YouTube if it weren't meant to be shared, the movie Arthus and I have posted is clearly an infringement of copyright. Or is it?
  • If a video is on YouTube, does that mean that it is now fair game for posting on a blog?
  • Does it matter if the content of your post is educational?
  • Does it matter if the original video (the BBC interview, for example) doesn't specify copyright restrictions? Here's a hint, if you're interested in my opinion.
HUGE can of worms here, I know. Hall, lay down the law for us, would you please?

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