Edublogger Etiquette - Online Reputation

David Wiley wrote a post describing a number of issues related to the Flat World Knowledge licensing model. In the post, he addressed a number of concerns that other people have expressed. Interestingly, he also included what he has called a "Pre-Response to Stephen". This is interesting for several reasons, two of which I will list:

  1. Few bloggers actually anticipate - in writing - the response of their readers.
  2. Apparently, Stephen has manufactured an online reputation that has caused David to assume that Stephen will immediately react to David's post.
In considering online interaction, it is important for all bloggers to realize that what they publish - either in a blog post, in a comment, or in any other form of online behavior - contributes to how others perceive their words, actions, and persona.

A few questions:
  • How is an online reputation any different than a person's reputation in the physical world?
  • How might actions taken online affect a person?
  • How does one improve their online reputation?
  • What kinds of behaviors taint an online reputation?
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