The YouTube School of the 21st Century

Yesterday I discovered that Mitt Romney has been asking, "What do you believe is America's single greatest challenge?" I responded to Mitt's query with Pay Attention even though I think many of our nation's education problems stem from the weakening of the family unit.

In viewing my activities, Brian C. Smith took a quick look at Mitt's YouTube channel - also taking note of several parallels to many of today's classrooms. A classic example, to say the least:

Now what Brian may not have noticed was that Governor Romney has been moderating the video responses that his plea has attracted: another useful feature in any 21st Century school!

"What's that, Tommy Talks-A-Lot? I can't hear you today. I'm sorry, but it appears that what you've been saying has been blocked by my filter."

I can hear the teachers lining up for this feature already!

Image Source: BrianCSmith

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