EduCon 2.0: Fortunately and Unfortunately...

Mark my words: The EduCon/EduBloggerCon/Unconference conference model is the absolute future of QUALITY educational conferences. That said, I'd like to invite you to join me next weekend at EduCon 2.0.

FORTUNATELY, there will be nearly two hundred top-notch educators from around the world attending the event. Yep, these are folks that actually get it. Check out this list of attendees.

UNFORTUNATELY, not everyone attending has signed the list (myself included).

FORTUNATELY, it's a wiki. [Adding myself to the list]. Now I'm on the list.

UNFORTUNATELY, I had to admit that I probably won't make it there in person. I mentioned to my supervisor that I would be co-facilitating one the discussions - and pleeeease can the district help me get there. I was answered with a very politically correct "Fu-gidda-boud-it, Draper."

FORTUNATELY, there's Skype. And Ustream. And our world is flat. Remember?

UNFORTUNATELY, sometimes even the best made plans turn into the worst nightmares.

FORTUNATELY, I'll be co-presenting with the very capable Robin Ellis. I also figure that she'll have a room full of extremely capable ed-techies, anxious to discuss OpenPD, to come to the rescue if need be. Besides, I also see now that our session be broadcast on EduCon TV - Channel 6. Does it get any better than this?

UNFORTUNATELY, eight simultaneous Ustream broadcasts from the same pipe could cause issues.

FORTUNATELY, Chris Lehmann's running the show. We're definitely in good hands!

To conclude, we'd love to have you join us (either in person or virtually) in our discussion about current and future professional development practices from 10-11:30am EST on Saturday, January 26.

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