Captured by Those Addicting Chains of Information

[I've posted this, removed it, re-posted, re-removed it, and now I'm re-posting it again. Last night my wife mentioned how she really liked this post. "It's one of my favorites," she confessed. I figure if my wife doesn't think I'm a total crack-pot after reading this thing, then what do I care what others think? :) ]

I'm not so sure about this one.

Addicted? Yes, probably.

Well, maybe addicted, I guess.

I mean, maybe not though, really, 'cause I can STOP, you know.

Addicted... to:

  • Checking my email.
  • The iPod, Blackberry, that buzz that says "New messages waiting."
  • Wiis, Webkinz, and "When's it gonna be my turn?"
  • Solitaire, duh, and maybe even Morocco.
  • Blogging, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Skype, chat, and "Wouldn't it be waaaaay easier if we could just type the paper?"
  • Free. iPhone. Apps. Why? Because I can.
  • Photos and videos and wow, that Jib Jab's funny.
But I'm not really addicted to my computer, now am I?

Well am I?

While I want to think that I'm addicted to my "friends" - all 1,429 of them - to be perfectly blunt:
  • I think it's the input,
  • The information,
  • The new ideas and c h a i n s of information
That I crave most.

Or is it the power? That might just be it:
  • The power of computing,
  • The power of expression,
  • And the power of the network.
After all:
  • My computer does exactly. what. I. tell. it.
And people sometimes don't.

[Blue screen of death]. Doh!

Some addictions are more painful than others.

  • Are you addicted?
  • Am I?
  • I mean really. And if so, to what?
  • I mean it's not like I get the Joneses if I don't get my Twitter fix. Or do you?
- - - - -

Image Source: Flickr user and powerful thinker shareski.

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